Digital Services

Mobile Application & GPS Tracking

Orders can be placed on Concrete app on some clicks.Transit Mixers can be tracked easily.

Order Confirmation Mail & SMS

Once the order is booked system generated mail is sent to you and SMS to your Contact person.

Application Executive SMS

Your Contact person receives SMS having details of our application executive who is assigned to assist him.

TM Loading SMS

Once the TM Leaves the plant SMS is sent to your person stating quantity & grade of concrete with driver's contact.

Delay Report

It is generated automatically when vehicle consumes more than 3 hours while unloading of concrete at site.

Pour Card

Digitally signed by your contact person will be mailed to you once concrete is completed.

Summary Report

Invoice Summary report is sent to you with all required details the next day with Fresh hard copies.

Cube Test Report

System generated emails of cubes test report are sent to you by default for 7 and 28 days.